• What sorts of psychotherapy are effective for depression?
Q. What sorts of psychotherapy are effective for depression?

Two effective methods of psychotherapy for people with depressions are cognitive therapy and interpersonal therapy. Both psychoanalysis, and insight oriented psychotherapy have not been shown to be effective treatments for people with a depressive disorder. Cognitive (and cognitive-behavioral) therapists can be found in most major cities.

For a referral to a properly trained cognitive therapist practicing close to your location, contact:
Aaron T. Beck, MD. The Center for Cognitive Therapy 3600 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19101 (215) 898-4100.

While many therapists call themselves cognitive therapists and interpersonal therapists, only a few have had proper training. To find an interpersonal therapist with the best training, contact:
Myrna Weissman, Ph.D. New Your State Psychiatric Institute 722 West 168th Street New York, NY 10032 (212) 996-6390

For more information, contact:

Your doctor

Your school / university / private practice counsellor

The Mental Health Unit at the hospital